Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some short answers to the most frequently askes questions.

What do I have to do to plant a tree?

The process is simple — go to the emissions calculator, enter your data and calculate how many trees have to be planted to cover your carbon footprint. Once the assumptions are made, you will have the option to buy the trees that our team will plant for you.

Where are the trees planted and can I visit my tree?

We are planting the trees twice a year — in spring and autumn. You can see the previous and upcoming planting locations here.

How can I trust that you actually plant the trees?

Every coppice holds its own passport in which it is possible to see the date of planting, dates of follow-up grooming processes and the overall profile of the land.

What type of trees are planted?

We mainly specialise in birch tree plantations however there are other tree species that grow better in different environments, therefore each coppice may vary in its sapling species.

Who is planting the trees?

The trees are being planted by our team of highly enthusiastic and skilled people. We make sure that everything goes according to social responsibility standards, and that everyone working at NOT HOT feels amazing.

Who will take care of the trees?

We will make regular check ups of each new plantation. The plantations have to be groomed regularly by taking out weeds, bushes and smaller trees, so that the other trees can grow big and healthy.

What happens to the trees after?

After the trees' lifetime is over they are used for a number of different purposes. Around 80% of the trees are sent out to be produced into wood materials, such as pallets or furniture. The rest amount is sent to be used in different paper forms and materials.