The coolest way
to make the planet cool.



The coolest way
to make the planet cool.

Reduce your individual carbon footprint with the help of trees

In the modern world, nearly everyone has an individual carbon footprint, whether you realize it or not. In fact, even if you actively take steps to reduce the carbon dioxide pollution you create, you most likely still generate a CO2 footprint by heating your house or using electricity. And a single flight can produce a bigger amount of emissions than you would normally produce in several months.

That’s why it’s important for everyone to take active measures to achieve carbon neutrality and Not Hot is here to help you do exactly that. Use our emissions calculator to figure out the amount of CO2 you emit each year and we’ll plant the trees needed to compensate for it so that you can reduce your individual carbon footprint to the minimum.

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How does Not Hot help to achieve carbon neutrality?

It’s simple - as more and more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere of our planet, we need ways to not only stop emitting it but also to reverse the damage already done, so that we can avoid the worst predictions about climate change. A great way how to do that is to plant new forests because trees can absorb large amounts of CO2.

And that’s where we come in, helping to keep the planet cool by planting trees on your behalf. If you want to achieve carbon neutrality, use our emissions calculator to find out your carbon footprint, buy the number of trees necessary to cover it and we’ll plant the trees for you. It will be as easy as ordering food online!

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Why Not Hot?

Climate change is a pressing global problem, but taking care of the climate is everyone’s responsibility. CO2 is the main cause of climate change, warming up the Earth’s atmosphere which results in effects that are difficult to repair. Not Hot lets everyone contribute in the fight against climate change in an easy and tangible way.

What we have been up to?

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Have questions?

How is my individual carbon footprint calculated?

Our emissions calculator takes into account your annual use of transportation, eating habits, household energy consumption and other lifestyle factors to calculate your approximate yearly carbon footprint.

What does net-zero emissions mean and why is it important?

Achieving net-zero emissions means that the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by humanity is removed from the atmosphere using various methods of carbon dioxide removal. This target needs to be achieved as soon as possible to minimize the devastating effects of climate change.

What can individuals do to help achieve net-zero emissions?

Even though achieving net-zero emissions largely depends on policy making at national or global level, individuals can also contribute to it at a personal level – both by cutting down on the emissions they create and by balancing out the carbon footprint they have created through carbon offsetting.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Once your individual carbon footprint has been calculated, it can then be balanced out with actions that contribute to decreasing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere  – for example, we achieve it by planting new trees.

How to find out the amount of CO2 emissions created by my company?

The easiest way to find out approximately how much CO2 your company creates is to use our emissions calculator. Meanwhile, if you’d like to determine the exact amount, get in touch with us and we’ll calculate it for you.

What are the biggest causes of carbon dioxide emissions in businesses?

It depends from industry to industry, however, usually, most of the carbon dioxide emissions are created by burning fossil fuels – either for transportation purposes (cars, planes, etc.) or for heating and electricity.

How to achieve reduced carbon emissions?

That differs from company to company, but we create individual sustainability strategies for each one of our clients, to identify the best ways for reducing CO2 emissions. 

What are the benefits that businesses receive from carbon offsetting?

In addition to positively contributing to the environment, joining carbon offset programs can also allow companies to strengthen their reputation as socially responsible businesses, as well as ensure compliance with emissions caps set by governments.

How can I buy carbon offsets for my company?

Get in touch with us to get a personalised offer based on the amount of CO2 emissions your company creates.

What are carbon-neutral companies?

Carbon neutrality means that the company has balanced the amount of CO2 it emits with carbon offsetting elsewhere, thus creating more carbon dioxide savings than emissions.

Is it possible to calculate the product carbon footprint for individual products?

Yes, we can also calculate the carbon footprint for individual products.

It’s your time to shine!

Don’t be one of those people who just take and don’t give back. Check out the emissions you are producing in our calculator and cover them with some cool looking trees.

Want to make your business
more sustainable?

Switch to business page and see how NOT HOT can help reduce your company’s carbon emissions and make you more environmentally friendly.



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