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Here are some short answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How are carbon emissions offset by planting trees?

Trees naturally absorb and capture CO2 during the photosynthesis process, thus removing it from the atmosphere.

How does carbon offsetting affect global warming?

Although it’s still necessary to significantly reduce the amounts of global carbon dioxide emissions as soon as possible, planting trees can help mitigate their negative effects and slow down the rise in temperatures, while measures are being implemented on a larger scale.

How much CO2 is offset by a single tree?

We mainly plant birch trees on behalf of our clients and, according to independently conducted research, a single hectare of birch plantation absorbs 475t of CO2 during its 40-year lifespan, which is on average 300kg per each tree.

Will I receive any proof that the trees have been planted?

Yes, each of our customers receives a certificate, listing the number of trees that have been planted.

Is there a way to know the exact location where the trees have been planted?

Yes, you can see the location of your trees in our interactive map, by entering your certificate or order number.

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